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Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

by Dr. Theodore E. Theodoropoulos

Publisher - BookBaby

Category - Business & Management

In this book, Dr. Theodore Theodoropoulos deals with Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals and takes a detailed look on global energy sources, the OPEC, the OAPEC, oil and gas companies, petroleum and natural gas, LNG, coal, hydrocarbons, exploration plan, drilling and production, refinery, petrochemicals, oil margins, pricing oil and gas, reserves management, oil and gas fields, marketing oil and gas, trading oil products, LNG pricing, LNG shipping, pricing petrochemicals, downstream (plastics and chemicals), pipelines and storage, project finance, oil and gas transportation and energy for tomorrow. Obtaining sufficient knowledge can lead to greater respect and appreciation of these important sources of energy that affect our daily lives. The information contained herewith will boost and inspire those involved in the oil and gas industry and contribute to their understanding of their role in producing the oil and gas needed by the whole world.

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