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Cite It Right: A Quick Guide to Citing and References

by Goh Hock Seng et al.

Publisher - Penerbit UPSI

Category - General Academics

The primary aim of this book is to help readers acquire the two fundamental skills in any scholarly writing i.e., citing and referencing. Anyone involved in such writings will know that these skills are essential and that there are rules that a writer needs to follow. An otherwise excellent piece of writing may be marred by non-adherence of the rules and may even be perceived as shoddy and lacking in academic rigour. Worse still, the question of plagiarism may arise if sources of information are not cited accordingly.

Hence, this book seeks to provide quick references to both novice and experienced writers alike carry out citing and referencing efficiently and accurately. Features of the book such as user-friendly Quick-Guides, common errors; examples, exercises and answer keys are included to help ensure that the two fundamental skills are acquired in a quick and effective manner.

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